There’s no doubt about it, video and food content go together like burgers and fries.

But, to make video content marketing really work for your business, you want to give customers a mouth-watering virtual taste of what you have on offer, make them run like a bull at an open gate to your restaurant.

Whether you decide to engage a professional film crew to get your customers taste buds watering or, you use your iPhone, here are some simple ideas for how you can use video to create appetizing content for your social media right now.

1. Video your Chef talking about the specials.

There’s nobody better to describe the tastes and flavours of a dish than the person who made it. Film your chef holding the finished meal and talking about what makes it so special. In my experience, nothing beats listening to a passionate chef talk about food.

2. Showcase produce suppliers

If you have local suppliers for the produce you use, collaborate with them to create content that you can both use.

You could either ask them to film themselves showing off the ingredients that make the food so amazing, or film it yourself and talk about their produce.

Collaboration is always a great way to amplify your marketing efforts and this way you’ll both have content that you can share and help promote each other.

Example: Pieology Pizzeria showing the Bella Rossa tomatoes that makes their red sauce so delicious.

3. Show off your location and restaurant layout.

As well as delicious food, it’s all about the atmosphere. Do a video tour and show your location off. Give customers a taste of what your atmosphere feels like.

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PERi-PERi zucchini slice! #nandosathome

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4. Show behind the scenes

Show what goes on behind the scenes to make your restaurant or cafe so appealing. Maybe it’s a unique technique of cooking a particular dish or the whole behind the scenes process of how something is cooked. You don’t have to give away your secret sauce recipe, however, everyone loves to get a little sneak peek behind the veil.

The example we love: Nando’s showing their PERi-PERi zucchini slice.

5. Encourage customer submissions

Make sure you’re always encouraging your customers to take their own photos and videos. Consistently remind your existing audience to tag you or use your unique hashtag to show their experience with you so that the content can be reposted. This way you’ll have access to a whole bunch of fresh content that you can repost.

6. Staff spotlight videos

Film your staff introducing themselves and saying something about why they love working for you or what their favourite dish is and why. Make it fun and show off the personalities that make your business what it is.

7. Create a video of your menu.

Take the time and film items from your menu one by one and talk about what they are and what they taste like. This way you’ll have a whole batch of content that you can consistently post each day. Describe all of the mouth-watering attributes that will make your customer wanting to try it.

So grab your camera or phone and start filming!

Whether you decide to go ahead with a do-it-yourself approach or get a professional videographer in. A consistent flow of interesting content will help your business grow and leave your customers wanting more.